Lullaby For Naila

On Thursday 5th May 2016, The London Lucumi Choir presents the celebration of our second CD “Lullaby for Naila”. Our celebration takes place at Rich Mix in Shoreditch. This album was a very special project. It was inspired by the birth of my  ( Daniela Rosselson De Armas) granddaughter and the gift that I wanted to give her, which was to raise awareness of her rich and wonderfully varied ancestry. It was also an opportunity to invite friends and family to sing on the album and for all to enjoy in the celebration of a new life. This was an opportunity to celebrate the diversity and wealth of culture within the London Lucumi Choir. Several members of the Choir also sing lullabies that their mothers sung to them as babies. Finally, although this is a very personal story, it is also a story that is shared by many, both children and adults alike who experience mixed ancestry and a mixed cultural heritage.  In this troubled world, we find opportunities to remember that there is more that unites us then divides us. A universal theme of love for your child and willing that they should sleep is common to all, and the lullabies recorded on the CD span three continents, from 16 countries in ten different languages. The line up on the Gig is phenomenal. What is also beautiful it is a truly intergenerational line up featuring artists of all generations.  The first set is dedicated to the CD and in the Second set artists will be performing their own material. Please take a look at the artists involved and please join us at Rich Mix on the 5th May 2016: Featured photo is the artwork of the album by Amelie Clemente-Ridge ( aged 5 at the time)

Juwon Ogungbe  ( Yoruba Lullaby Medley )

Juwon Ogungbe, by Reynaldo Trombetta

Sarah-Jane Lewis   ( Cuban, Dominican and Irish Lullabies)


Tess Hirst ( Lebanese and Yiddish Lullabies)



Reem Kelani ( Turkish Lullaby)  Photo  taken at Rich Mix by Jose Ramon CaamañoJose Ramon Caamaño

Davinia Baño ( Sephardim Lullaby)

Davinia by Silvia Cruz

Listen to Davinia Baño with Jackson Scott

Michael Clemente-Rosselson and Daniela R De Armas ( Sing Family favourites)

Michael has been singing with Choir and has also recorded in his own right.

Daniela is the Director of the London Lucumi Choir and a Vocal Coach and Teacher of Song.

Sonia Kounasso and Juanita Euka ( Lullabies from Benin and the Congo)

Sonia has been singing with the Choir for a number of years and has recorded several solo numbers.

Juanita sings with the Choir and various other projects also. She is a Solo artist in her own right also and has just launched her own musical project.

More About Juanita


Photo of Juanita, Michael and Sonia, by Gavin DurrantIMG_4705

Nana Clara Aldrin-Quaye ( Cuban Lullaby) photo by Gavin Durrant

Nana by Gavin Durrant


Nana is a member of the Choir and is also a solo artist in her own right. Recently she sung backing vocals for Buika.

Gerardo De Armas ( Cuban Lullaby)

Gerardo is the UK’s only Cuban vocalist that specialises in Rumba. He has sung with Cuba’s Yoruba Andabo and Irosso Oba and has performed with various projects in the UK as a Singer and percussionist

Listen and watch Gerardo De Armas ( Rumba)

The London Lucumi Choir ( Cuba/Yoruba)

Live at Rich Mix

Accompanied by  Leon Rosselson on guitar

on Guitar   Jackson Scott  and on Piano Lilli Elina In addition to being in the Choir, Lilli is a multi instrumentalist playing both Keyboards and Percussion:

To download the CD which includes  Ahmed Dickinson on Guitar

Actor  Lilly Driscoll and  on Anja Fahlenkamp ( Anja’s baby “Faith’s In Tune”   ) on vocals


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Hard copies will be available on the night and by filling in the form below

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I am a London based Iyalosha, ( Priest in the Lucumi tradition) crowned with Ochun; who is passionate about the arts I Grew up in London, mixed background, third generation musician. I went to study music in Cuba in 1986, since then I have done many things. I was one of the first Salsa Dance Teachers in London in 1989, before it became the sport of a million suburban housewives; formed Orchestra Salsa Y Ache in late 80's, toured and did many gigs for seven years; then formed Salsasonica which recorded with Buena Vista's Guajiro Mirabal. I have taught Cuban Music to children. I have also organised five musical trips to Cuba. I Have written about Latin Music, and I am passionate about singing and encouraging everyone to sing. I formally ran "singing for the terrified" at the Mary Ward Centre, in addition to a world music choir. I formed the London Lucumi Choir in 2006 which has performed all over the UK, in major theatres such as the Barbican, the Southbank and Union Chapel, Rich Mix, The British Museum and the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. In addition, we have performed at festivals such as La Linea and Bestival. We have performed on Radio and Television and have consistently been nominated in the Lukas awards, where we were second in our category in 2018 ( for contribution to Latin Music and Arts). I Have been a practitioner of Santeria, also known as Lucumi since 1986. Between the years 1991 and 2005 I received My Elekes, Warriors and Olokun. In 2005 I received my Ikofafun ( Ifa) and on February 9 2006 I became initiated as a Priestess of Ochun in Luyano, Havana. My Branch of the religion is La Pimienta. I was born from Obatala and Yemaya. My Iyatobi Oshainle passed this year and Omi Laibo is my Ojubona. I received Pinardo with Baba Funke and Omi Saide in Havana in July 2018. I run an active Ile (religious house/Orisha temple) In addition to running the Choir and guiding Godchildren in the Lucumi faith. I am also a diviner of the Dilogun. I enjoy spending time with my family. I have a passion for art and nature, good music, genealogy and travel. I enjoy writing, beading and embroidery, when I have the time! PS I also have adhd which predicts that I will decorate the entire house with different colours every few years!