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Over two years ago. Daniela R De Armas met the Axis Trio in Manchester in a Singing workshop for Orisha that she was leading with the help of Mancunian Percussionist and Omo Anya Chris Manis

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Luckily this was a fantastic meeting of like minds and it resulted in a collaboration between Daniela and Axis to visit Nottingham in order to teach Orisha songs accompanied by the fabulous Axis Trio. This she did for around a year.


Who are the Axis Percussion Trio?

Richard Kensington was determined to make the collaboration possible and applied for funding which he received from the Arts Council. This has meant that Daniela was able to go once a month to teach a repertoire that  will be performed in Nottingham on the 21st November 2015

Gig at the Nottigham Arts exchange
Gig at the Nottigham Arts exchange

Details of the Project: Singing for the Orishas

September 7 2014, Singing Songs for the 2 waters.
September 7 2014, Singing Songs for the 2 waters.


13th February 2016  The Axis Trio with the Axis Orisha Singers led by Daniela R De Armas performed the repertoire that they had been working on for almost two years. This was a project supported by the Arts Council of England together with the help of the Arts Exchange in Nottingham. Here are some photos taken by Hugh Miller:

About Hugh Miller

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13th March 2016: The Axis Trio with Daniela De Armas had the last of a trio of dance and song workshops. The idea was to present the Songs and the Dances of Orisha in the same context. Guest Dancers Alicia Bueno Atie, Etian Antuche, and Idalberto Alcala shared their knowledge and Experience. Alicia gave a workshop introducing Elegua. Her aim was to get particpants to connect with the Character and dancer from the heart. Etian’s contemporary background and stress on Technique, showed another angle. It was a thorough workout stressing the importance of connecting with the earth. Idalberto’s workshop concentrated on the character of Ogun and how important it is to get into character before learning the steps. His workshop concentrated on the length and breadth of movement and reminded all participants that the tradition of Afro-Cuban Dance and in particular the dances for the Orisha is complex and deep and takes a long time to learn.

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More photos by Hugh Miller!


If you are interested in further workshops and opportunities to perform and learn with the Axis Percussion Trio and Axis Orisha Singers, please contact Richard on the number/email below:

07957 209 930

See below the fabulous series Bata Round Britain


With Daniela singing for Osain, in the Weleda Gardens:


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For more information about the Nottingham Project, with the Axis Trio and the Newly named Axis Orisha Singers Please go to:Facebook Events Page


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